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SCPS Fee Structure

To comply with the Comptroller’s Office and federal regulations set forth in The Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21, Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS) has implemented a new fee structure and invoice calculation method since 2008. This method better reflects the actual costs associated with renting space and producing an event. The invoicing process provides a straight-forward calculation of room rental and production costs.



Available Rental Space: Conference Rooms Rate
Schine Student Center Meeting Rooms - Schine 228A&B, 304ABC (plus ETS labor if required) $48 / Hour
Goldstein Student Center Meeting Rooms 201ABC (plus ETS Labor if required) $48 / Hour
Rental Space with no Fee:
Schine Student Center Meeting Rooms: 228EF, 231, 233, 302

Events that will require a building to open early or stay open late will be assessed $25/hour for the hours requested outside of the normal operating hours of the building.

Available Rental Space: Event Spaces Rate
Panasci Lounge (plus ETS Labor if required) $48 / Hour
Jabberwocky Café (plus ETS Labor if required) $48 / Hour
Skybarn - plus required ETS Labor $43 / Hour
Underground - plus required ETS Labor $137 / Event
Goldstein Auditorium - plus required ETS Labor $625 / Event

ETS Labor: All event spaces require an event package. For more information about packages click here.

Events may required Fire Safety and Public Safety staffing, to be itemized separately. Contact Scott Casanova, 443-1438, to obtain an estimate.

SCPS requires 72 hours (three business days) notice prior to a reservation for cancellation without penalty. If a reservation is canceled with less than three business day’s notice the sponsor is responsible for the cost of the room rental associated with their reservation.

Reservations classified as Rain Locations are subject to 24 hours notice for cancellation without penalty. Reservations in SCPS spaces must be tied to Outdoor Space reservations to be classified as Rain Locations. Any reservation not meeting the criteria is subject to the general cancellation policy.

For our full cancellation policy, click here.