Space Allocation


Space Allocation for event spaces on campus is conducted each semester for the following semester. For Registered Student Organizations and Greek Chapters this process takes place in conjunction with the Student Association funding process. 

SCPS coordinates a space allocation process for funded RSOs for the upcoming semester.  Exemptions from the process are made for traditional and university wide events. All Administrative and Academic events that are not exempt will be scheduled at the conclusion of the Space Allocation process.  Exceptions can be made via the exception process.

Space Allocation Process

Any funded event sponsored by a student organization or club sport registered with OSA, FASA, GSO, or Recreation Services can participate in the space allocation process.  Funding may include co-curricular, SA, self, or other funding sources.  Registered organizations not funded through SA may be asked to provide proof of funding.  Non-funded events will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis at the conclusion of the Space Allocation process.

Funded groups will be able to access and submit a space allocation form via the SCPS website the day after the SA budget is approved each semester.  Space Allocation will remain open throughout the SA appeals process.

Spaces are assigned through the following criteria.

  1. Submission order
  2. Technical Requirements
  3. Preferred date(s)/culturally significant date availability
  4. Event calendar review
  5.  Closest available date

After all spaces are assigned organizations will be emailed a confirmation of their assigned space/date/time for their events. 

All process dates are determined in collaboration with Student Association and will be announced at the beginning of each semester.


University-wide traditional events are exempt from this process.  Examples include: Syracuse Welcome, Orange Central (Homecoming+Reunion), Family Weekend, Winter Welcome, Winter Carnival, Commencement, Admissions, and Coming Back Together.


Any RSO or Academic or Administrative office can apply for an exception prior to the space allocation process.  Applications will be reviewed by the Director of Student Centers and Programming Services.  Forms can be submitted up until 1 week prior to the beginning of the space allocation process.

Exceptions may be granted based on: technical needs, contractual needs, culturally specific dates.