Registered Student Organization Policies

Students that wish to schedule space must be a member of a Registered Student Organization (RSO).  Scheduling space for a class project, or other reason not directly related to Registered Student Organizations may be requested in writing to Bridget Yule. Approval will be granted based on the completion of specific criteria outlined upon request.

Registered Student Organizations schedule space directly with the Student Centers and Programming Service Office. General body meetings, (defined as a meeting open to members as well as potential members of the specified organization) can be requested by using the online Student Organization Room Reservation Form.

Events and programs that require services such as safety, public safety, catering and/or specific technical requirements, or, any gathering defined as an event or program must be requested at least 15 days prior to the event and follow the Program Planning Process(PDF).

Event changes, modifications and cancellations can be requested by using the online Change/Cancellation Form.


Atrium Tables may be reserved for information distribution in the Schine Student Center and the Goldstein Student Center. Tables are limited and available for reservation on a first-come, first-served basis through the Student Centers and Programming Services Office. It is recommended that reservations be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the desired date. To reserve a table, submit the Atrium Table Reservation Form. Reservations may also be made by visiting the Student Centers and Programming Service Office. Please refer to The Office of Student Activities (OSA) website for further information about reserving information tables in other campus locations.


Registered Student Organizations and Greek Chapters that wish to fundraise on campus must first read the Syracuse University Fundraising Policy and then follow the guidelines outlined below.

Fundraising - Schine Atrium (10AM-4PM Monday-Friday)

If your organization would like to conduct a fundraiser in the Schine there is a procedure you must follow. It is suggested that you plan at least 3 weeks in advance, as fundraising tables fill up quickly. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Student organization representatives come to the SCPS office (228D Schine) to fill out a Schine Atrium Fundraising form. While in the office, ask the student at the desk to find a date that is open for fundraising. (There is only 1 spot per day open to fundraise, and they fill up quick!). Once open dates are agreed upon, the fundraising spot will be tentatively reserved. This does not mean the fundraiser is confirmed. SCPS staff will then review the form and contact you via e-mail within 1-3 business days.
  2. Within 1-3 business days, you will be contacted about your fundraiser. In some cases, a meeting may be required with you and your OSA/FASA program advisor to discuss the fundraiser.
  3. If your fundraiser is approved, it will be confirmed and final details arranged. Please remember, all money that is collected in the Schine Atrium will be deposited into your fundraising account. You will then need to work with the Office of Student Activities/Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs to access your funds. You may not leave the Schine with the money you have raised.

Fundraising - Campus Locations

  1. Fill out application to conduct fundraising on campus at least seven (7) days in advance of requested date. Please include dates/times you will be available to meet with SCPS staff.
  2. Within 1-3 business days you will be contacted for a meeting date and time to discuss your fundraiser.
  3. If your fundraiser is approved, final details will be arranged.

Fundraising – Events

  1. During the program planning meeting with OSA/FASA and SCPS you can discuss your fundraising request. Please understand this may require special services such as Public Safety and might exceed your initial estimate.
  2. Fill out the Event Fundraising form that you can get from your SCPS advisor.
  3. SCPS will order services and go over final details of the fundraiser.


Syracuse University has a specific policy in place in regards to posting flyers, sings and any kind of advertisement as it pertains to marketing events, programs and general information. Please refer to the Syracuse University Posting Policy.


Banners, that meet specific guidelines, may be placed on the outside of both student centers. Please read the Banner Policy prior to submitting a Banner Request Form.


Space Allocation for non-academic large spaces on campus, such as the Goldstein Auditorium, Underground and the Skybarn is conducted each semester for the following semester. For Registered Student Organizations (including greek chapters) this process takes place in October, and March. Registered Student Organizations can view the current calendar, and timeline for space allocation. Please refer to the Space Allocation Guidelines for more information.


Chalking is allowed only on the Syracuse University Quadrangle (The “Quad”). Reservations may be made by submitting an online Chalking Request Form. Specific rules apply to chalking on the Quad, refer to campus posting policy for more details.


The Syracuse University “Quad” is available for some events and programs. Specific rules and regulations do apply. The Director of Student Centers and Programming Services must grant approval. Please refer to the Quad Policy, and fillout Outdoor Space Request Form.

In an attempt to provide excellent customer service, Student Centers and Programming Services makes every effort to process reservation forms within the same day of receipt. However, reservations may take up to (3) three days to process.