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Prospective Employees

What is ETS?

ETS provides technical support to events in the Goldstein Auditorium, Underground, Jabberwocky Cafe, Panasci Lounge, and various other venues on campus. As an employee of ETS you will be assisting in the set-up and breakdown of events. You may also be assisting in the operation of lights or sound for an event as well as assisting backstage during an event. ETS duties also include ushering and taking tickets at the door. If you have been to an event in the Schine or Goldstein Student Centers then you have no doubt seen our employees in action!

But what if I don’t know how to run lights or sound?

Through on the job training, personalized training sessions, and student mentoring, we train our student employees to be able to operate all the equipment that we use. Therefore, no previous experience is necessary. While we do actively recruit students that have previous production experience, many of our best employees have no previous experience and come from a variety of majors not associate theatrical or production experience.

What shifts are available?

We do not schedule our employees, as our work schedule varies depending on the amount of events in a given week and the times of those events. Instead, our employees sign up on their own for shifts they would like to work for a particular week. Employees can sign up for these shift via our online scheduling web site. Each week the ETS supervisors post shifts on the website for the following week. Employees are then encouraged to sign up for these shifts as soon as possible, though the shifts stay open until they have been completely filled.

How many hours do I work a week?

Because the amount of work varies, your hours will vary as well. The average weekly hours worked by a student are between 10-15. Our flexible working schedule allows you to work a light week if you have pressing academic concerns, or likewise work more hours if you have a lighter week. In addition to this, employees are asked to work at least one shift a week and to keep in constant communication with the ETS professional staff if they are not able to fulfill this expectation.

What is the promotional track?

The Promotional Track is based on an employee's proficiency level. When an employee shows that he or she has successfully learned the required skills necessary for a particular certification, they are then promoted to the next level, allowing them to sign up and work shifts in that capacity. This includes both technical and non-technical promotions. With each promotion/certification a pay raise is given. All raises are based on this promotional track.

What’s the downside?

Since our hours are based around events, and most events take place during nights and weekends, the bulk of our work hours are during these times. Also, shifts can range from as little as one hour to upwards of 10 or 12 hours. For example, if there is an event that starts at 7:30p and runs till 9:30p, employees are required to come in prior to the event to help set up the venue or sound check the artist. After the show, employees are required to break down all appropriate equipment and possibly stay through to help break down the venue. Events with a rehearsal the day of the event make for long shifts as well. Many of our current employees favor signing up to work these longer one day shifts on weekends as opposed to working many smaller events during the week. ETS is great for those that are looking to work hard in a flexible working environment!

Where can I apply?

Please click here to apply for ETS.