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CAPS Customer Service Program

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ACUI Customer Service Tips


Strategies for Providing Outstanding Customer Service

2. Don't Serve, Give Service

The service secret sauce is to be 'of service' to your customers, anything else is a functional discharge of duty... To be 'of service' to your customers you have to be in the moment and requires your full attention; once you're there, the experience created is unique (and unavailable at any other time or place). Being aware and conscious of the need to be 'of service' means providing outstanding customer service is the default setting... it takes a lot to mess it up from that mental state!
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SCPS and the Student Leadership Institute

SCPS is proud to participate in the Division of Student Affairs Student Leadership Institute as a strategic partner!

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be wise

The BE Wise campaign strives to generate awareness of alcohol poisoning, how to avoid it, its signs, and how to respond to it.

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Student Centers and Programming Services

Welcome! Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS) serves the Syracuse University community by managing the Schine and Goldstein Student Centers and scheduling non-academic programs on campus. The office serves approximately 450 recognized student organizations as well as all academic and administrative departments on campus. We act as an information network for the campus coordinating support services such as technical needs, room set-ups, safety needs, and scheduling over 13,000 programs each fiscal year.

Mission and Vision


  • To create an environment for the Syracuse Community that exemplifies quality service through dedicated student driven support.


  • To offer a safe and diverse environment in our facilities.
  • To support Scholarship in Action by providing an environment for our student employees that develops leadership skills and offers transformative experiences in preparation for their future.
  • To provide the highest level of customer service.
  • To work collaboratively with the Syracuse Community to provide excellence in events and facilities management.
  • To be the centralized information nexus for the Syracuse community.

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SCPS Is Hiring For Fall 2015!

SCPS is hiring for the Fall 2015 semester!  Please click on the links below to apply.

Event and Technical Services

Reservations and Building Operations

Schine and Goldstein Student Centers Spring Semester Hours

Starting 1/12/15

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